The Indie Gathering International Film Festival selects the Peace-by-Piece Script for Award

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AwardWinningTVPilotThe Indie Gathering International Film Festival selects Ozzie Feliciano’s “Peace-by-Piece” pilot script for award (2nd) under its “Best TV Pilot” script category competition for the 17th annual Indie Gathering International Film Festival.  The film festival is scheduled to take place in Hudson, Ohio on August 16th, 17th and 18th. From thousands of submissions and a strict 90/100 percent script evaluation process, the “Peace-by-Piece” pilot script was selected, along with two others, to represent in this year’s “Best TV Pilot” category. This is “Peace-by-Piece’s” first award and Ozzie’s first writing award. “This is pretty cool!” states Ozzie. “I’ve never claimed to be a good writer but I submitted the Peace-by-Piece pilot script into the competition to measure both the strength of the story and my script technic against the pros—writers—folks that write scripts and screenplays for a living.  I’m pleasantly surprised and honored that the script was selected.” Ozzie has been invited to the event to receive his award but regretfully cannot attend. “I’m disappointed that I cannot attend the film festival; ironically, August 16th, 17th and 18th are the scheduled dates of the pilot shoot in Coatesville.  So I guess they’re going to have to mail it to me,” says a smiling Ozzie.

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About Peace-by-Piece

Written by a former decorated Philadelphia police investigator and produced by MAJA Pictures, “Peace-by-Piece,” a realistic and gritty new police drama is loosely based on the screenwriter’s time in the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of the Philadelphia Police Department. Centered on Coatesville’s police detective Annmarie Kersey, a direct descendant of the city’s racist founder, “Peace-by-Piece” follows her investigation of what appears to be a random act of violence against the city’s beloved African American state representative and his wife after they are both found dead in a remote field on the outskirts of town. But as she investigates the crime and unearths a property dispute between the victims and one of the city’s most prominent churches, she discovers a criminal enterprise running right through the predominantly black church, which at its foundation is responsible for money laundering, violence and murder.

This racially charged, dramatic miniseries is will begin filming the pilot and first episode in August 2013 with plans to wrap up production by the end of the summer.