New Mob Series, Leo’s Fortune Set to Shot in Hamlin, PA (Lake Wallenpaupack and Pocono Mountains)

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Peace by Piece Casting, Press


mount_poconoOzzie Feliciano and MAJA Pictures select Hamlin, PA (Lake Wallenpaupack and Pocono Mountains) as the set for its new Mob series, Leo’s Fortune.  Set in present day Hamlin, the story follows Joseph DiLeonardo (Joe D), Philadelphia’s most recognized Mob Boss, and his captains Peter LaRocca (Pete La Rock), Antonio Abate (Skinny T) and their associates Vincent Aloisio (Smokes) and Salvatore Manzo (Tori) as they chase a one hundred and fifty million dollar fortune buried by Joe D’s murdered mentor Leonardo Licciardi (Leo).  In the pursuit of Leo’s treasured gold, once thought of as a folktale or myth, the DiLeonardo Family is stretched to the brink of extinction as Joe D and his crew try to navigate Dona Rosa’s (Leo’s widow) cryptic clues in order to prevent the Cufalinos, Wilkes-Barre, PA’s most powerful crime family, from obtaining the fortune and reemerging as the East Coast’s most powerful crime family.

Hamlin is a village in Salem Township and is located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 191/Pennsylvania Route 196 and Pennsylvania Route 590 in Wayne County. Wayne County has a population of approximately 52,822.  Ozzie Feliciano, an award winning writer, selected Hamlin, PA because of its rich history, beauty and his connection to the area.  “Not only is Hamlin one of the most beautiful cities in the Pocono Mountains, it’s also the perfect location to shoot this series.”   Leo’s Fortune is a story that has been forming in Feliciano’s head since the ending of the American Classic Mob series, The Sopranos, on HBO. Since it ended its run in 2007, a good American Mobster television series has yet to emerge and has left a void in today’s viewership.  Feliciano states that “Leo’s Fortune will put a modern spin on the American Mobster genre by combining both Philadelphia’s and Hamlin’s rich history, beauty and grit. “I know it will be tough but I’m hoping Leo’s Fortune can find adoption across the Sopranos’ fan base and eventually become an American Mobster classic in its own right.”

Shooting is scheduled to start in March 2016 in the Hamlin, Wallenpaupack and the Mount Pocono area in preparation for Amazon Studio’s Pilot Season entry.

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