About Us


About MAJA Pictures

MAJA Pictures, a collaboration between Ozzie Feliciano and Felpfe Inc., has plans to produce four independent film projects: “Andy the Star”, “King City’s River”, “Wake Up” and “The Chronic“.  MAJA Pictures, along with Ozzie Feliciano, also plans to develop and produce a three actor stage-play titled “Killer”, which was optioned in 1995.

About Felpfe Inc.

Founded in 2002, Felpfe, Inc. is a company dedicated to the energy industry. Since 2006, Felpfe has provided high-value technical solutions to the energy industry based on strict quality standards, the foundation of our business model since its inception.  Based on Felpfe’s expertise in the energy industry and its understanding of best-of-breed SOA technologies, Felpfe has been able to provide the energy industry with forward thinking enterprise solutions that have helped RTO’s better manage generation and the markets. Whether it’s Load Response (LMP), MSRS, Gen2Load (Compliance) or Intelligent Event Process (IEP), Felpfe has provided its expertise in enterprise SOA architecture in building strong technical foundations for the energy industry, which assists in managing the market, establishing energy outlooks, analyzing community and environmental investment and troubleshooting other real-world issues in both the energy market and generation.

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