Production Help Needed

MAJA Pictures is looking for production help to assist with multiple projects in the Philadelphia Area.

Camera Operator – This individual will assist with the assembly and setting up of equipment prior to filming and operate camera(s) during shots.  We are looking for a detailed orientated team player who will have the initiative to study the script for pre-arranged shots.

Steadicam Operator – Looking for an individual who knows how to operate a steadicam mechanism and has some experience behind the camera.  It is important that this individual have some basic knowledge of framing a shot, panning, pulling focus and changing lenses.

Cinematographer – Looking for an individual to assist with the assembly and the preparation of all cameras for each scene. Individual will need to study script for pre-arranged shots and should be able to find solutions to technical and other practical filming problems. We are looking for someone who is prepared to innovate and experiment with ideas under the direction of the director.

Storyboarder – We are looking for an experienced Storyboard Artist to draw out various aspects of the video production before the film crew shoots the scene. This individual should be able to streamline or eliminate unnecessary scenes under the direction of the director.

Grip – Lighting and rigging technician. This individual will maintain all the equipment that supports the cameras, equipment such as tripods, dollies, tracks, jibs, cranes, and static rigs. No experience is necessary but individual should be able to work well with a team and should be detailed oriented.

Production Assistant – Want to gain experience in film production? No experience necessary for this position. We are looking for someone to support the production team and the director by delivering administrative and practical aspects of the project. This individual will be responsible for assisting in setting up equipment, light cleaning duties on set, and other miscellaneous administrative tasks.

Makeup Artist– This individual will work alongside the director to ensure all actors have suitable make-up and hairstyles before they appear in front of cameras. Individual will need to read script and discuss with director the materials needed for the look required while understanding budget implications and identifying areas where research is required. This individual should have some basic knowledge of lighting, the photographic process, colours and the impact of special effects/make-up processes on the skin.

And many more…

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