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bcdahowtoThe actor’s “How to” page was created to offer our visitors a collection of quick-tip, video tutorials to help actors better strategize their presentations by focusing on what directors, producer and casting agents are expecting when evaluating talent.  Please come back regularly, new tutorials will be added weekly.





How To Create A Demo Reel

Editors and industry insiders share their advice for actors looking to put together a demo reel. Learn how to target your reels specifically to casting directors, agents and managers, and producers.


Preparing For Your Headshot Shoot

Seasoned photographer Mark Husmann offers expert advice on how actors can get the most out of their headshots. Do you really need to spend the money on a makeup artist and a new hairstyle? How much does wardrobe matter? And do you need to dress like a cowboy to get a part in the hot new Western? Get these answers and more


How To Give Your Best Audition

Casting director Bernie Telsey talks about what actors need to know before going into an audition room. Discover the differences between theatrical auditions and film auditions, as well as how to choose material that will burn your audition into the memory of the casting directors.


Choosing A Headshot Photographer


Learning To Improvise

Have you always want to improvise but never gone much beyond a game of charades? Learn the fundamental rules of improv from teachers and advanced students at The Groundlings, a comedy troupe that has helped launch the careers of Will Ferrell, Kathy Griffin and Michael McDonald.


Common Mistakes Of Demo Reels

A demo reel can make or break your chances of being cast in movies, TV or theatre. Learn from the mistakes of others and put yourself ahead of the competition! Editors Joe Gressis and Wayne Rawley go over some of the common mistakes that actors make when they assemble their reels, from using shoddy footage to sharing the spotlight with other actors.


Creating A Character

Acting teacher Howard Fine talks about how actors overcome self-consciousness and create characters. Learn the acting techniques that will help how dig beneath the surface of a script and bring a character to full-blooded life on the stage or the screen.


Breaking Into Broadway – Agents

Danny Johnson (Broadway Actor) gives expert video advice on: What is a theatrical agent?; How do I get a theatrical agent to meet me?; Will a theatrical agent get me work on stage? and more…


Auditioning For Soaps

“General Hospital” casting director Mark Teschner auditions 200 to 300 actors for each series regular role that he casts. How can an actor stand out from the crowd? Learn how to impress casting directors, and find out how to avoid giving off the wrong signals. “General Hospital” stars Bradford Anderson and Brandon Barash also discuss their own experiences auditioning for daytime drama.